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Elective course  2011
Current theories in urbanism - Eclological urbanism 
Course code ULF1 
Department Institute of Urbanism and Landscape 
Professor in charge Associate Professor Peter Hemmersam 
Additional staff  
Passed foundation level
Instruction language English 
Max no. of students 16 
ECTS credits

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Selective studio course (24 credits)

Course description

The course introduces current themes and theories in urbanism, with a focus on the practice of architecture. The focus this semester is the connection between sustainability and urban development seen from the design perspective.

The course can be combined with or prepare for master studios at Institute of urbanism and landscape. The course also has general relevance for architecture and landscape architecture students interested in the relationship between the design of cities and sustainability. 

Learning outcomes

The students will be introduced to alternative approaches to the city and the practice of architecture and landscape architecture, which forms the basis for a future ecological urban development. Students will be introduced to a range of discussions, ideologies, themes and technologies relating to the development of a sustainable urbanism.

Contents and teaching methods

The course consists of curriculum readings, a series of lectures, and seminar discussions related to theories and practices relating to ecological urbanism. The students work in groups and prepare digital presentations in relation to seminar discussions.

The studio will also comprise a seminar with landscape architect Gareth Doherty, who curated the Ecologial Urbanism exhibition and co-edited the book which forms the curriculum of the course. The book should be purchased before the course starts.

At the end of the semester the student is expected to hand in a written assignment (6-8 pages) that discusses issues that have been treated in the course in relation to current urban development.

Exams and assessment methods

Assessment of students will be based on the written assignment and text presentations.

The course is assessed as Pass/Fail, subject to the Regulations for Master's degree programmes at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, § 6-14.


Mandatory reading:

Mostafavi, M., & Doherty, G. (2010). Ecological urbanism. Baden: Harvard University Graduate School of Design.